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Our Mission to Equip Believers to Become Followers ... at Home & Abroad!

  • Finding the End of the World seminar. Based on Ron's book, this course helps the learner shed man-made doctrinal constraints so they're open to learning what the Bible and history have to teach about Christ's return, our salvation, and the new creation to come.

  • 'Train the Trainer' First Steps disciple-maker seminar. This half-day training prepares attendees to use the First Steps workbook as a discipleship tool. Additionally, and equally important, they also learn valuable tips for teaching disciples practical methods for dealing with temptation, Bible study, prayer, and other critical disciplines.

  • Discipleship principles and system implementation training and guidance for church leaders. As an add-on to the First Steps training, we can also coach church leaders in developing and implementing a discipleship component as part of a never-ending Spiritual Formation system as we did for CLC Dayton.

  • Intense 'Equipping Believers to Become Followers - a crash course in being known by God!' seminar. This day-long course provides intense Christian foundational training in true love, obedience, Bible study techniques, prayer, and much more. The goal of the seminar is to give the learner tools they need to move from being unproductive believers to Christ followers.

  • Spiritual Formation training development. We have developed foundational Christian training courses about salvation, the nature of God, dealing with temptation, and much more to aid churches and individuals in spiritual formation and ongoing training. We're able to also create a customized curriculum based on specific teaching/training needs.

  • Introduction to God's ordinances, feasts, and festivals. One of our favorite mission contributions has been to host a bi-annual Jewish Seder celebration in concert with Jews for Jesus. The event provides an excellent opportunity for Christians to learn the foundations of their faith and experience Jesus' fulfillment of Passover.

  • Training in Christian Foundations and Discipleship Principles for Bishops, Elders, Pastors, Deacons, and other church leaders. We have taken our Spiritual Formation training from the "Equipping Believers to Become Followers" seminar to Africa. There, we have held training conferences for church leaders and others several times in Kenya and Uganda. Without missionaries teaching truth and application as we did, the Africans only Gospel training comes from Internet and television evangelism, much of which is deadly false doctrine and misleading prosperity messages. 

  • Swahili Bible purchase and distribution. We take ownership of a Bible in America for granted. Every church member has at least one in the continental US. However, most Africans in general and many pastors, in particular, have no Bible. We've provided several hundred Swahili Bibles at about $9.00 each to help make a dent. Please consider donating to help us continue this service!

  • Spiritual Formation training development guidance. Wishing to follow the 'teach a man to fish ...' philosophy, we provide guidance in developing Bible teachings and curriculum while also providing various resources for development and reproduction.